Life is short and then you die. And "The Clarey School of Economic Philosophy" makes sure you get the most out of it by studying where life-philosophy and economics meet. Be it minimalism, personal finance, your career, love for your fellow man, or lust for your fellow lover, "The Clarey School of Economic Philosophy" cuts through the bullshit and delivers the harsh truth to make your life count. Prices are gouging, but so is squandering your life, so INVEST in a course or two before you expire.

Hi, I’m Aaron Clarey!

I'm a retired economist-turned-ballroom dancer, motorcyclist, mountain climber, tornado-chaser, author. I used to be a real-world adult with a "real job," but then realized I was going to die and life is way too short and way too precious to waste it on being normal. Don't waste your life. Don't be normal. Maybe take a class or two and see if Economic Philosophy doesn't open your eyes to a much better world.